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is what life has been like for me lately. this roller coaster ride just won’t stop. so many changes to my life. i only hope it’s for the better. i’m ready for whatever comes my way, though. it’s life. you only live once but make the right choices. i only hope that my decisions from now on can make my parents happy. it sucks knowing you’re not good enough in their eyes. it sucks knowing you hurt them so much in the past. i don’t want to disappoint them anymore. i only want to see them happy.

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you know who you are:

dude just gtfo over it already. quit bugging my friends and family and getting them involved; causing drama. i don’t know how else to get this through to you. i’ve TOLD you already to not fucking get people in my life involved in this shit and to stir up more shit, you do the exact opposite. i don’t know wtf is wrong with you. do you seriously want me to hate your guts? cuz it’s getting easier and easier everyday. it’s nice to know that you didn’t ‘trust’ me for this and that when all along you’ve been the shady one. doing the same shit you’ve done from the getgo. LIE and be shady. so what makes you think you can point your dirty ass fingers at me? so pleaseeeeee for the millionth time, buzz off. move on. and go focus on something else more important. like your fucking school grades or something.

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❝ It’s the same with people who say, ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Even people who say this must realize that the exact opposite is true. What doesn’t kill you maims you, cripples you, leaves you weak, makes you whiny and full of yourself at the same time. The more pain, the more pompous you get. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you incredibly annoying. ❞
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Girls who smoke cigarettes.

…and if she’s a total pothead + an e-tard, that just makes them trashy and disgusting.

To each their own.

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#tweegram #quote #truth #realtalk (Taken with instagram)

#tweegram #quote #truth #realtalk (Taken with instagram)

❝ I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they do their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change. ❞
Pet Peeve #idk

People who complain about their jobs. Or complain about working in general. Okay, I’ll admit. I complain I’m bored at work. But that’s typical. But people who go “ughhh” and “omggg I hate work” and “work is exhausting and draining my life” and “ugh work all day tmrw” and “work sucks” need to STFU. On the real, you’re fucking lucky to have a job and you should hella appreciate the income you’re getting even if it’s shit. If you are tired, then don’t work so much, if you hate your job, then quit. If you wished you had more money/jobs, then spend less. I’m sure that’d help. Quit putting yourself in debt and learn to manage your MONEY instead of complaining about being a workaholic because you need money to pay off shit for being a shopaholic.

I just don’t get it. This mainly goes for girls. But man. Be appreciative of your job(s). I’ve been there. Done that. But I don’t go around telling the world that work sucks and I’m tired of working and shit like that. Hell, I’ve worked 12 hour shifts standing all day, I’ve worked 12 hour shifts without eating/drinking anything and felt like fainting. I’ve worked so hard that at the end of the night, I can’t feel my legs. I’ve worked this and that but in the end, it was worth it because I worked hard.

As for the easier jobs, I get bored/tired/annoyed but I deal with it. I do my shit and get paid. We’re adults here. If you have a job, consider yourself VERY FORTUNATE. 

You work and go to school full-time? Hustle that shit. But if you’re just working full-time, then cut the crap and stack that cheese. 


some guys need to get their priorities straight. and their values. what is it that they want in life. instead of being douchebags and jerks and thinking that all women are the same. maybe you should re-evaluate yourself and see that only the women that you’re surrounded by are all the same. so quit being ignorant and naive; quit being sexist and think about who you are before you point your dirrty ass fingers at others.

as for them bitchass hoes, check yourself before your wreck yourself. need I say more?

REAL recognize REAL.